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Here is a story that happened last night, I was wonder-trading and I remembered a Prankster Whimsicott was OP. Then I realized Cottenee didn't have Prankster so I traded it for a Klefki with Prankster. I did more wonder-trading and I got a HA Froakie that was Japanese. So I kept that. I remembered I chose Litten so which one is better? The rest of my team is


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Why can you not have both? If you had to choose one, I'd choose Incineroar because Pokemon (ingame) gets a lot easier if you have a super effective attack against everything. Fire covers more types that the team doesn't already cover.
Yeah... good point. Coverage only matters in competitive.

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Froakie - Greninja

Froakie is a bit fast for a starter with a base speed of 71. The rest of his stats are trash. When it evolves to Greninja however, it gets WAY more powerful. Greninja is so fast with a base speed of 122! It is also an awesome special attacker with 103 base special attack! The problem about Greninja is its defense is terrible at a base 67 which is awful, but Greninja is very fast and packs a mad punch so it wouldn't matter a whole lot for defense, unless some electric types get in you way, that would be bad... Greninja's stat total is 530

Litten - Incineroar

Litten's speed stat is pretty good with base 70 and as always when it comes to some starters, his other stats are garbage. When he evolves to Incineroar though, he gets a lot better. Incineroar is an awesome special attacker with 115 base attack. The real problem is its speed stat, it is surprisingly WORSE than Litten's at a base 60, so he is very slow. The rest of his stats are pretty decent. His stat total is 530 as well.

Comparison: So both have the same stat total, so we can't judge by that, both are very well in what kind of attackers they are, but when you look at Greninja, he is way faster and packs a mad special attacking punch. Even though his defense is trash, it doesn't really matter because of the awesome speed and special attacking stats. So I would recommend Greninja to be on your team!

I hope this helped!

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Woops, i meant to say Incineroar was a good PHYSICAL attacker, not special attacker. Sorry.
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I'd say they're both the same. Greninja is fast and has a decent special, but Incineroar can learn cross chop, given that it is holding a focus sash or passho berry Greninja won't last very long. However Ash Greninja is a whole new story, boasting much higher attack and special as well as speed. Incineroar may be able to use a quick claw to his advantage, however, but don't forget about water shuriken, which gets both STAB and battle bond boost, not to mention a weakness and low stat for Incineroar. (Note that, however, drought/sunny day can weaken this down) Overall it strongly depends on the kind of environment and items. But I'd say they're tied.

You do know this was already answered and I chose BOTH already? And I wasn't even using Ash-Greninja as the title says.