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I'm asking because, even with incineroar's moveset question on the pokedex, I have my own way of doing things, so I'm just wondering which is better. Though I'm asking so I have guidance on my battle style. So which move is better, Throat Chop or Fire Fang?

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It depends on the format, the item, the stat spread, and the other three moves.

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Well, when not thinking about your other moves, Throat Chop would be the better move because it gives STAB, has a higher base-power, and when looking at Incineroar's 4 weaknesses: Water, Fighting, Ground, and Rock, Throat Chop will be normal-effective against 3 out of 4, whereas Fire Fang is only normal-effective again 2 out the 4 (where each move-type is not effective to 0 out of the 4).

However, as you level up Incineroar, I recommend having both a stronger Dark-type and Fire-type move such as Darkest Lariat and Fire Punch. You should still have both a Fire and Dark type move in Incineroar's move-set in my opinion.

Your Choice! Hope I helped! :)