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Throat chop. Higher power, and assurance is only powered up when the target has been hurt that same turn
What are you doing with this Falinks? Are you battling other people, the Battle Tower, in-game trainers, or something else?
Ok, but please don’t answer in the comments, I want to upvote and downvote if that’s necessary.
Also, is commenting on comments possible?
Commenting on individual comments is not possible, you can just comment on the question/answer where the previous comment is and tag them (by which I mean, just type @tommyyou or @whoeveryouwanttorespondto which doesn't really notify them, but others will know you're referring to them)
First battle and train in the battle tower, then online if I won 10 times in a row.
Why 10? Well, maybe I win by chance, that’s why.
Also, can you answer my question?
Why are you using Falinks when you can use Conkeldurr?
It’s cute

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I guess you can have Assurance with another move to make it stronger. You can have Throat Chop if you want to knock something out in one turn immediately. Maybe in double battles, have something like Stealth Rock on the opponent side and so when something comes in, it will be hurt, making it easier to knock it out with Assurance. Or you can have both and use Throat Chop first to make Assurance stronger. Hope this helped.

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So first impression then assurance?
No, damage has to be in the same turn
Like recoil damage done by the opponent?
Yes. Assurance can also power up if the target gets damaged by another Pokemon in a double battle.
What about singles?
It'll power up only if the opponent somehow damages itself.