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My Tyranitar already knows dragon dance, rock slide, and crunch so it has come down to fire fang and brick break and im not sure which to teach it.


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Neither.I would use fire punch.It has a good power.Deals with grass,bug,steel and ice types and has a 10% chance of the opponent getting burned.So use fire punch.Provides better type coverage.

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Of those two I'd go with brick break for more type coverage

Thats what i was thinking i put them side by side and compared the only thing i was worried about with brick break was being walled by metagross or skarmory
well, rock slide will get normal damage against skarmory from what you have already.  metagross/bronzong you'll need something to back-up your tyranitar if you go brick break
actually, brick break would be normal vs those two.  so not the worst situation when facing a steel pokemon
yea i got to thinking about it and i could use other moves or just switch out plus dragon dance combined with his already high attack should cover skarmory, metagross, and bronzong. Another problem would be scizor and escavalier but i don't think many people use the latter and scizor i may just have to switch
fire fang is what i would have