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If I breed by Luxio with Houndoom for Fire Fang, will Ice Fang get overwritten?

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So as I understand it, one can breed a pokemon that knows the moves right out of the shell. Does that move have a possibility of getting erased if you breed it to the next generation to breed another move?
What I am trying to do is breed a Luxio that knows Crunch/Bite, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, and Fire Fang. Basically a re-creation of Volkner's Luxray in Platinum. However, if I do manage to breed Ice Fang in as a move (by using a Piloswine) will that Ice Fang get written over if I breed Fire Fang in (by using Houndour or Houndoom)?

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Yes, Ice Fang will get written over. Moves that Luxray learns by level up can only be learned only if both parent know it. Ice Fang and Fire Fang are classed as egg moves so they cannot be learned in this way (and you'd need the Houndour to know both anyway).

Egg moves can only be learned if the father knows both moves - they are not passed down from the female. So to get Ice Fang and Fire Fang on a Shinx you need to breed with a male Pokemon that can has both moves.

Lucky for you there are a bunch of Pokemon that can learn both by level up: Arbok, Snubbul, Granbull, Exploud, Hippowdon and Stoutland. (Some of them need a Heart Scale to remember the moves.)

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