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Im trying to breed a Hippopotas with those 2, but how? is it just not possible?

Im doing it in oras so if its one of those weird things where its impossible then can someone please send me a Hippowdon with it? :(

what game is this?

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Those are Move Tutor Moves. Hippowdon learns them at Level 1. Simply find 2 heart scales and take Hippowdon to the Move Relearner.

Source: http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/hippowdon

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But I cant!!!!!! The only way to get a Hippowdon in ORAS is over the GTS and all of those are bred :(
what do you mean?
do what tenebrae said, get one, do all the breeding you want, and then take the one you are happy with to the move relearner and teach it ice fang and thunder fang.