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Power up punch has 40 base power but increases your attack by one stage. Brick break has 75 base power and destroys walls like light screen, reflect, etc. I'm using mega Mewtwo X which can't learn Swords Dance. I'm using natdex AG btw. And no I'm not using mega Mewtwo Y.

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Why are you using Mewtwo instead of Marshadow?
neither, use low kick
if you want to get rid of screens use defog
I say power-up.

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Power Up-Punch
Why? Because you have no attack-boosting moves. Brick Break is usually used on other Pokémon just for coverage.

As you use Power-Up Punch, it'll just get stronger and stronger, as well as boosting all your other STAB and coverage moves.

Defog should take care of screens quite nicely, as well as any entry hazards.

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Mewtwo X has an incredible attack and power up punch would make it extreme though Mewtwo gets bulk up if your trying to raise your attack if your Mewtwo has other moves and fighting isn't important take bulk up or power up punch if you want your Mewtwo to attack without setting up you can take brick break but I think power up punch or bulk up is better for anything goes :)