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I wanted to get a good fighting type move for my Exploud, but I'm stuck on 2 choices. Brick Break, a move that can remove light screen and reflect, or Hammer Arm, a move that has higher power but lower accuracy and lowers speed. Can you guys help me decide? Thanks.

What game are you asking about? What do you want to do with this Exploud? Do you want to battle other people, in-game trainers, or something else?
Oh. It's for SwSh, and Im probably just going to use it to battle other people and just on my general team.
When you battle other people, what format/rules do you play with?
Single, battle tower rules.

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I honestly would go with Hammer arm. Higher power is always important in playthroughs, plus exploud has low speed so it won't really matter as most of the time it won't outspeed. Screens are not common in playthroughs either.

EDIT: I realized that you are playing singles and battle tower, and now I can understand you doing both because in competitive screens are a bit more common, however, I would still recommend Hammer Arm

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Dang mate, honestly I thought I'd have to wait a while for an answer. Guess this one was easy, thanks.