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I can't decide between the two
Brick Break is safe with low BP and breaks through dual screens
Superpower is a bit risky because of defence and attack drop but huge BP but after that you have to retreat

Brick Break
75 BP And breaks through screens (reflect and light screen)

120 BP And lowers users Attack and Defence stats

Depends which item you have
For WiFi battles, Superpower is better because it has a very good chance of OHKOing Mega Kangaskhan.

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If you have a Kanga counter like Eelektross or Serperior, brick break all the way. Dual screens will waste two turns on the set up.

I find much more consistency in brick break all around.

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'weird' or 'bad'? Then again low ladder showdown is also really bad. low ladder LC is great to play against o3o
How is Gastro Eelektross not a counter to Kanga? More importantly, how is Gastro Serperior not? I have a 100% check on Kanga with that set up. Plus, most people don't even Mega Evolve on the first turn because I run Gengar on my team. Gastro Eelektross Solod my opponent in Game 3 of ANT 2015 (I run Eelektross when the opponent has Talon Flame or Heatran (If Legendaries are allowed in a tournament) and I run Serperior otherwise). I nuked his Kanga with Gastro, then I Thunder Waved the expected switch in to Talon Flame. Then I Knocked it's Beak off and then I just set up Coil on it until it switched back to Kanga. I took the fake out, used Thunder wave this time and got lucky on the full paralysis and Drain Punched to full health. His last Pokemon was Garchomp, who died to a single Knock Off. Talonflame came back and it was all over. He got a priority roost, but Non boosted Knock Off ended him after that.

This guy is a monster against Kanga. He CONSISTANTLY checks him. No one really knows what to do about him because they don't know if they should Mega Evolve or not, so it sets me up nicely. With 0 Type Weaknesses, his poor defensive stats are forgivable. Everyone expects him to be just another assault vest Smogon dupe, but... SURPRISE! Trust me... a Tech Eelektross is going to force a switch on Kanga. Return is probably my biggest fear from Mega Kangaskhan, as if the opponent just flattened me with that, it will do a lot more damage and set my Eel up for revenge killers.

EDIT: Lol... Knocked its beak off... It had a Sharp Beak... just gotta put that out there.
Things like Gastro Serpiror are called Lures. Lures are Pokemon that are usually beaten by a Pokemon but instead have a move or set to counter. The difference here is Serprior can not function as an effective lure against a good player because the 4th move because deadweight otherwise. Gastro Acid is very underwhelming for one, please correct me if I'm wrong but it only works until the target switches out. Secondly Serp only has two good sets (Leaf Storm Spam and SubCMSeed), all of which requires all 4 moveslots to work. Changing the set means sacrificing Serp's usefulness in he vast every situation except against MKang. Making a Pokemon worse to beat one Pokemon makes is an ineffective counter generally.
? What? Nope. Serperior, Contrary, Wide Lens, Toxic, Gastro, Giga Drain, Leaf Storm. Since 95% of competetive players Run Kanga, none of them know what to do about the threat of a speedy serperior running Gastro and Toxic becomes the move of choice. The thing is, both of these pokemon have the ability to respond to switch ins. Heck, Leaf Storm is a safe Switch in prediction move.

See, you can't think oustside of the box. I am saying this strategy has gotten me first place in tournaments with very real prize support and you are still thinking of Smogon. I am not making Serperior less effective... Gastro Acid works on all Pokemon. It is great. There are quite a few Pokemon that rely heavily on their abilities. Look at... Serperior, Kangaskhan, Blaziken, Conkeldurr, Azumarill, Magnezone, Scizor... Do I need to go on? The utility of Knock off is great too. I mean, saying it is no good because it goes away in a turn is like saying confusion is a terrible utility. A Switch in is just a turn for me to set up, if the opponent feels that is worth their time.
thanks everyone