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i want a move which covers dragonite's weaknesses.So which one?

I prefer Brick Break because it doesn't have additional stat drops or anything. It haz more PP, and seems more reliable in the long run. Just a IMO.
I would actually use iron head, because it covers ice, rock AND fairy. fairy coverage is very important.

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Wait wait wait! Some things haven't been pointed out.

You want to have a Fighting type move to take out Ice types right? Ice and Rock probably....
Anyway! If you did the MATH, a super effective Brick Break isn't going to do much more than Dragonite's STAB moves, either Dragon CLAW which is 120 BP with STAB or OUTRAGE which is 180 with STAB. Therefore, a super effective Brick Break STILL isn't going to do as much damage as Outrage, and is only a wee bit more powerful than dragon claw. Now, I don't know about you, but I'm not going to chance killing an Ice type with a wee little brick break. I'm going to either want to skiddadle, (Ice hurts) or get a surefire kill. Therefore, SUPERPOWER is the way to go. It isn't just more powerful, it is WAY more powerful. A SE Superpower is going to be 240 as opposed to a measly 150. If you want your opponent to die, you're going to want to finish the job.

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I leik this answer, it uses logic over their stuffy old pros/cons list. jk. but seriously, common sense is a weapon, and gigaslash just used it.
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But you need BW2 move tutor to teach Dragonite SUPERPOWER, since he does not learn it by egg move. So its not a option for Kalos Born Dragonites.
But doesn't superpower shrink attack and defense so a strong ice type such as avalugg can use ice fang to finish it off so just go for brick break it destroys shields
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Let's compare them:

Brick Break


  • Breaks Screens
  • No recoil
  • Doesn't lower stats afterward
  • More PP


  • Less damage



  • More damage
  • No Recoil

  • Lowers stats afterward

  • Less PP

    So, Brick Break is the better move, having more Pros and less Cons.
    Unless, you are choiced and in competitive play, so usually after using Superpower, you switch out. In that case, Superpower is the better choice.

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WELL i'm taking Dr.Flames cons of super power when i get expert >:D You can just switch out and once you switch back in you won't have the stat drop and you'll never be in battle long enough to run out of pp. 5 PP... i can see that if you KO all the pokemon you hit but if you use pp ups that solves the problem

he never said he was in-game.....
thanks for ur answer i also thought of superpower