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In The GTS I Saw a Shiny Pokemon That I Really want but guess it it want a Reshiram Lvl 1-9 That not even possible why do people ask these stupid trade when it isnt possible hack pokemon? WHY? And there others wanted impossible pokemonLike a Emboar Lvl 1 what da heck?

Ultimate counter: Follow through with mass-producing Lv.9 legends and steal people's shinies. People put them on Wifi like that to intentionally show them off and be jerks, so steal them. :3
Yesterday a guy on gts showed me a Zekrom and Reshiram Lv1.

He hacked it.
Hmmmmm... That makes me think......
afk cheat-catching a bunch of legendaries

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Either people are stupid, or they just want to put a Pokemon on the GTS without losing it, for showing off or whatever. Which itself is pretty stupid.

See also my answer here: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/23609/how-come-people-in-the-gts