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Well, I I’m answering an in game team question (X and Y, to be exact, very shocking). Anyway, Noivern was going to be the Fly user on the team, but really it’s only good Dragon STAB is Dragon Pulse. The problem with Dragon Pulse is that it learns it at level 70, which is very inconvenient in game. But it also gets Dragon Pulse at level 1.... but what does that even mean?

Also, is this a dumb question to ask? I’m just really confused.


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As you stated, some Pokémon learn moves at level 1. This often applies to fully-evolved Pokémon. This mostly happens, due a the fully evolved Pokémon having a special attribute that it gains when evolving, such as a limb or increased intelligence.

When a Pokémon learns a move at level one, the primary (and really only) way of getting it to use a heart scale on it by a move tutor. This move tutor is typically an older lady, and is found toward the end of the game. Sometimes, it is even postgame.

I hope I helped!

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Also, I think it’s a pretty solid question lol.
Oh thanks! I’ve had this question forever :O
No problem!  Yeah it can be confusing lol.
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When a Pokemon learns a move at level 1, it means that you can learn it from the Move Tutor at any level.

What move tutor tho...?