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Question says it all.You can include glitch Pokemon(if you want).

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I don't think there are any, sorry m8.
Umm,I though plusle and minun had none at level 1
If you aren’t sure, then please don’t answer the question.
do you want it for all gens or just in general at one point?
all gens
Ralts? Abra?

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Gen 1 Mons

  • Metapod, all gens
  • Kakuna, all gens
  • Poliwag, gens 4-7
  • Magikarp, all gens
  • Abra, all gens
  • Ditto, all gens
  • Voltorb, gens 4-6
  • Cubone, gens 2-7
  • Dratini, all gens

This list of Gen 1 Pokemon is Completed.

Gen 2 Mons

  • Igglybuff, gens 2-7
  • Togepii, gens 2-7
  • Hoppip, all gens excluding USUM
  • Wobbuffet (debatable)
  • Smeargle (debatable)
  • Delibird (debatable)

This list of Gen 2 Pokemon is Completed.

Gen 3 Mons

  • Castcoon, all gens
  • Silcoon, all gens
  • Seedot, gen 3-7 (debatable)
  • Ralts, gens 3-7
  • Azuril, gens 3-5
  • Meditite, gens 3-8 (debatable)
  • Plusle, gens 3-5
  • Minun, gens 3-5
  • Wailmer, gens 3-8
  • Spoink, gens 3-7
  • Feebas, gens 3-8 (Thanks TPB!)
  • Wynaut, gens 3-8 (debatable) (Thanks TPB!)
  • Beldum, gens 3-8
  • The Regis, gen 3-4 (debatable)

This list of Gen 3 Pokemon is Completed.

Gen 4 Mons

  • Kricketot, all available gens (debatable)
  • Burmy, all available gens
  • Pachirisu, all available gens (debatable)
  • Bonsly, all available gens (debatable)
  • Uxie, Azelf and Mesprit, but only in D/P
  • Shaymin, all available gens

This list of Gen 4 Pokemon is Completed.

Gen 5 Mons


This list of Gen 5 Pokemon is Completed.

Gen 6 Mons

  • Spewpa, all available gens

This list of Gen 6 Pokemon is Completed.

Gen 7 Mons

  • Bounsweet, all available gens (Thanks TPB!)
  • Pyukumuku, all available gens (Thanks TPB)
  • Cosmog, all available gens
  • Cosmoem, all available gens

This list of Gen 7 Pokemon is Completed.

Gen 8 Mons

None!! (thanks TPB!)

This list of Gen 8 Pokemon is Completed.

Gen 9 Mons


source: my hgss guidebook, this site, the comments, other users, every single pokedex and generation page, and the moves list, I am done and will be back for gen 9. this took too long.

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You forgot throh on gen 5.
it has bind level 1, thats an attacking move
oh lol I didn't see that.
Gen 8 doesn't have any TY. I checked.
You get a BA