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I keep seeing requests for this thing. Is it a coincedence or what?

If nobody comes through with a better explanation, I'd guess it was some sort of online giveaway and the instruction was to request a Raikou at that particular level.
A lot of them were offering rare pokemon for the lvl 21-30 raikou though...
Yeah then scrap that.
A lot of people put Pokémon at levels they are unobtainable at or gendered Pokémon that would normally be ungendered to taunt people who want their Pokémon by making it impossible to trade with them. Personally, I think the practice should be blocked by the game's code, but Game Freak is way too lazy to make the GTS less disappointing and evil. Don't get me wrong-the GTS is cool and all, and it useful, but so many people flood these waste of time requests, and make it annoying searching through pages to find something you can obtain, especially with Legendary/Mythical Pokémon. Although, I don't know why it is Raikou... maybe it is a meme or something of that sort in other countries? :P

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L21-30 Raikou is obtainable, but only from an event 8 years ago that was always guaranteed to be shiny, and all distributions of that event come with a ribbon that specifically blocks the Pokemon from going over GTS or Wonder Trade (so if, for some reason, you still have one and migrated it to a modern game without ever having given it a single level-up in all the years since, it still won't let you redeem the trade with that.

People who request such things may be aware of the history of previous events but unaware of the tradition of GTS-proof ribbons. Their reasoning may go something like "The GTS doesn't let you specify whether the Pokemon that people trade you is shiny or not. But by choosing 21-30, instead of any other level range, the only copies of those Pokemon that were ever released within that range are the shiny ones, so it's like I do get to specify that after all!" Never mind that it will never get cashed at all, which is up to them to learn firsthand.

As reasonable trades (such as one version-exclusive for another) tend to get snapped up quickly on GTS, the ones that linger around are unreasonable trades asking for something blatantly overvalued or even outright impossible to satisfy.

Note that some people have been able to offer level 30 Raikou, Entei, or Suicune on GTS. As it has to lack the ribbon in order for the server to accept it anyway, the fact that it's on GTS with a level under 40 is proof that it must have been hacked in some fashion. Sometimes you can even spot more inconsistencies, such as not being shiny or not being in a Cherish Ball.

I think this answer is more explanatory but still not the answer I am looking for : /
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Most people offer really rare Pokemon for lvl 21-30 Raikou, or other rare Pokemon. The reason for that is they are unobtainable, therefore you would need to hack to get it. However, if you hack a Pokémon and send it to the GTS, there will be a message saying: "There is something wrong with your Pokémon", and will not trade. This means that you cannot obtain that Pokémon in any way, and in conclusion, the only purpose of doing that is to show off, or to troll or scam people. Besides from asking for unobtainable levels on a Pokémon, they also ask for genders not available for that Pokémon, and extremely high level Pokémon. Also, most people like to scam you by asking for an easy to get Pokémon, then taking that really rare Pokémon out of GTS.

I dont think so many people like to troll others buy all asking for a lvl 21-30 raikou
I heard that there was a glitch with the GTS that allowed you to clone Pokémon, but if it fails, the game blocks you from wifi for an hour because "an error occurred," so people who want to abuse the glitch ask for impossible Pokémon so that if it fails and they get blocked, they won't lose their Pokémon in the hour they don't have access to it.
I'm not sure if it's true though, since I heard it quite a while ago and can't find the source anymore. It might not apply to Gen 7.