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I was using the GTS in Pokémon Ultra Moon and got a Scizor. It had max EVs, max level, and had Pokerus. Though I was just expecting a regular one for my shiny Trumbeak. The same thing happened. I was wonder trading until I found out that two other of my Pokemon had Pokerus: Malamar and Meowth. This is strange because they were all just freebees. So, do people not want them, or are they hacked?

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pokerus is a beneficial pokemon disease which doubles the ev's it gains. It is totally legitimate and can spread to other pokemon. It does, however cure eventually, and cured pokemon cannot be re-infected. the virus will not, however, die in the pc. If you wan't more about this, look here. vvvv

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Well, Pokerus spreads in the players party, so these people went to catch these pokes, and probably just had a Pokemon with pokerus in their party at the time hey went to catch, and it just spread to the newly caught Pokemon.

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