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I traded for a shiny Reshiram in Pokemon ultra moon in the gts. The connection wore out apparently so I couldn't get the Reshiram. Because it looked hacked and was asking for a Snivy, I am worried that my game and or Nintendo account got hacked, worst case scenario.
The reason why I am worried is because the trade didn't go through.

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same but with a shiny tauros. it was also a snivy.
How many details did you gather about this Shiny? Did you record the OT?
there were multiple all in a beast ball. one was named snivy.
I see you have found the character named "AdventurSnivy".
nah. many hackers are like this and it happens to me all the time. hacked pokes dont always mea jjacked game. sometimes tho.
The ones I've seen on Ultra Sun and Moon the OT was Adventur


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You dont get hacked. Thats now how it works. You can get hacked Pokemon, you can get banned for using hacked Pokemon you got traded. Thats the worse they can do to you.

The connection breaking was probably due to an internet error on your side, or maybe the fact that the "hacked" shiny reshiram was hacked, hence causing the hack detection to prevent it from being traded.