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I got a magmortar for a swinub yesterday, was the guy just stupid, or was his pokemon possibly hacked. can you get more than one of the same pokemon with hacks anyway? P.S. I LOVVVEEE get'n me some rare pokemon for peanuts.. hehehe

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And I bet that riolu I put up will get me a magnezone... all thanks to lucario and ditto

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If you are worried about it being hacked you can look at the move set, IVs, and where it came from, but there is no way to tell for certain as you can make pokemon look nearly 100% legit.

But, to answer your question. I'm fairly certain a single pokemon does not carry the amount of coding it takes to seriously mess up your game. Unless you are talking about a Missing No. then it's a whole 'nother story.

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Pffft, I have a Surskit with Surf in my Diamond PC that I got via GTS, and it hasn't caused any problems. Hacked Pokemon don't mess up or glitch your game.

Obviously this guy must've loved Swinub, and was willing to give up a Pokemon he didn't want / like (In this case, Magmortar). I've done it before, to get a Dratini, putting my Heatran up for trade, hahaha. xD

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I have no idea about hacks, but maybe the guy has trouble finding Swinubs. If you are so worried, trade it for something yourself.

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Uh.............. no