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I uploaded a Ditto into the GTS on Pokemon X and asked for a Misdreavus. Logged in a few hours later, checked the GTS and Ditto had been traded. Before the trade completed, my console crashed (gave me a black screen and an error about holding down the power button to turn the system off). When I restarted, Misdreavus was showing in my party and the trade appeared to have completed. Now, however, whenever I access Misdreavus - to move it into the storage system, trade it again, release it, check it's moves, ANYTHING - my console crashes and I get the same black screen/error message.

My guess is that my console/game doesn't understand how I have Misdreavus; that it's actually stuck in transit somewhere, and I have a copy that my game doesn't think should exist so it's crashing.

Just wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this and found a work-around? Everything else seems to function normally, as long as I don't try to do anything with Misdreavus.

I'm using a physical cartridge and I've "repaired" the latest patch, hoping that would do something (it didn't).

I wonder...  If you go to the PC, can you try to move a different Pokemon into the slot currently occupied by the Misdreavus?  This would cause them to switch spots.  In that manner, at least you could get the bugged Pokemon out of your party.

What happens if the Misdreavus gets sent out in battle?
Omg that worked! I was able to use my stylus to drag another Pokemon from my PC on top of Misdreavus and they switched spots without error.

If Misdreavus is sent out in battle the game crashes. Oddly enough, it can level up through Experience Share while in my party.
At least the misdreavus is out of your party. I recommend moving it to a box you know you won't use and leave it there by itself.
@ Shiny Hunter Luna or you could release it

just a suggestion though
*facepalm* they said they couldn't release it.

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There has been several issues with hackers offloading glitch Pokemon to test the antivirus software built into the Nintendo systems. make sure the 3ds you use is always up to date, if you get a Pokemon with any glitching like that it's best to report it to Nintendo, if they can't help you, Get rid of the misdrevous simply by using poke bank or another game to evacuate any other Pokemon or items and permanently deleting the game save file. You lose the game, but it's better to delete it before it corrupts the card. A shiny Milotic did that to my Diamond Version. I had to buy a secondhand Diamond to replace mine because it began crashing even after I got it into the box. GTS was awesome, why do people have to do that?:(