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So, I have a Gallade on X that I want to trade over to Alpha Sapphire. I don't have 2 3DSs, so I used my friend's. I put Alpha Sapphire in her's and X in mine. But when I tried to see if the other was a passerby, nothing showed up. What happened, did I do something wrong? Sorry if this was confusing.

btw, it isn't GTS, it is normal trading. GTS can be accessed from the PSS and it allows you to put any Pokemon of yours to trade with all the world for another Pokemon. For example, you could put Charizard on the GTS and request Blastoise. Anybody who is willing to give you Blastoise for your Charizard will trade.
So it's just regular PSS?

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Check the following:

  • Are you registered as friends in the two systems? You won't show up as passers by easily, because of the big number of passers by all over the world. The better is to be friends.
  • Is one of the system connected to Internet and the other not? If this is the case, then it won't show up, I tried it many times with my brother.

Otherwise, I don't know.

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Actually, if this other DS is in proximity, the best thing to do is to not go online. They will detect each other as passersby even if they are not friends that way.
Oh, okay. I think the problem was that her's wasn't connected to internet.