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I've been looking on the GTS, and I found an odd recurring happening: People would offer a shiny Pokemon holding a gold bottle cap and want a male ditto in return. I've seen it on tons of different Pokemon, and one of the weirdest things I noticed was that the avatar and name were almost identical. So I'm just wondering whether there is a secret group or something, or it's someone with, like, 200 games or something.

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What was the name(s) of the person offering the trade?
something japanese. Can't read japanese. Try just going on GTS and searching for groudon. I found about three with the same name, but 7 with the same avatar and offer.

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I haven't looked into it myself, but it sure seems fishy. Perhaps someone is just trying to troll people, obtain a 6 IV ditto, or it may have been something with Halloween or a creepypasta, y'know, to try and scare people, and you're just seeing it now.

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cool thanks