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So, I have played for a long time and have a few nice Pokémon from exclusive events no longer offered. Specifically the hidden ability, choose the Pokeball you want it in Chimchar found in the Entralink from the White 2 purchase code, but I want to trade for Pokémon from other people with this same legit Starter in a different Pokeball and get a Piplup with a different Pokeball, and the hidden ability. The options are limited to ask for anything specific, so what can I do to not have to spend days trading newly hatched Chimchars for Piplups in hopes I finally get what I wanted?

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You could go to an online trading forum for more specific requests. https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemontrades/ is really active (although a lot of posts now are for LGPE) and has a pretty strict legitimacy policy.
Um, don’t use much online things... I mean, the Chimchars are completely legit, as is the Infernape that was the original. Would I have to show the info of the original as well as the trades? I wouldn’t even know how to show them honestly...
You only have to show info for really valuable Pokémon like shinies or competitive legendaries. You should be able to trade Chimchar without any problem.

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