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I went on looking for a Solosis and was asked for a level 100 Reshiram... Who would give a level 100 Reshiram for a level 20 Solosis, its mad!

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I can give you a solosis via wifi if you like.
i got one in the end but its really annoying. Thanks though

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Some people just hope that some person with the opposite game want that Pokemon, and would be stupid enough to trade a Reshiram.

When someone has a rare Pokemon they want to trade for a level 9 and under Zekrom, my guess is that they want to show of their Pokemon. Because it's impossible to get a level 9 and under Zekrom.

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people asking for a lv. 9 and under reshiram pretty much drives me crazy
they want to show of a lvl 9 and under legendary? Wont they need to head to the first route they ever went to just so they can lvl up?
off i meant to say off :)
Someone wanted a Lv.9 and under Zekrom for a Lv. 1 Zorua. I got onto Pokegen and traded him one, Lol.
Still annoys me how everyone asks for outrageous things on GTS...
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Well, some people have a bunch of shinys and level 100 and they offer them and ask for a level 9 and under reshiram (which is impossible) and assuming that nobody would want to make the trade of solosis for reshiram level 100, they were probably showing off or someone pokegened and was trading it to someone with a level 100 reshiram... This may be conffusing but it makes a bit of sense

hope this helps!! :D

Best jerk-move ever:
1. create Pokemon via PokeGen/PokeSav
2. trade them to get whatever it is people want to show off
3. ...
its hacked!