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I am playing oras trying to complete the national dex what easy to obtain/breed Pokemon when put into GTS will most likely recieve a trade-back for most Pokemon [excluding legends and shinies and sorts]

I'mma speak from my experience with GTS lately.

Many pokemon that evolve through trade, like Graveler, Kadabra, Haunter and Machoke are decent trade-offs. Those that require items like Scyther and Electabuzz, even more so.
These can be used to get certain pokemon like starters and sometimes legendary pokemon (I often used to put up an Electabuzz with an Electrizer and get stuff like Palkia and Yveltal back).

You can also put up unobtainable starters for non-lengedary pokemon that aren't in the game, like Mareep, Starly, Venipede, etc. On rare instances you could get some lengendaries, like Azelf and the Regi-mons. In ORAS, exclusive mega stones are also a huge trade-bait.

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Pokemon that evolve by trade (barring the ones you find in game like haunter and graveler) are always in high demand. The most popular of them is definitely the porygon family. Version exclusives, like Slurpuff and Aromatisse, are also regularly asked for. Any others that I'm forgetting, just tell me below and I'll add them.

(If you want to complete the National Dex however, all the Pokemon not in X/Y are in OR/AS! (Barring Mythicals, though, but with the 20th anniversary events every month, theyre easily obtainable))