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I'm currently working on making a Living Dex in Ultra Moon, but to do that, I will inevitably need duplicates of legendary Pokemon that can only be obtained once, like Poipole, Type Null, and Cosmog, as well as version exclusive UBs, like Buzzwole, Blacephalon, and Kartana. Now, I've seen what people normally ask for when offering these Pokemon, which is usually almost always other legendaries, but are there any non legendary Pokemon that can also fetch high prices were you to put them up? I know last gen for X & Y, I used Shuckle and Kangaskhan, and I was able to get almost anything I needed by putting them up, so are there any Pokemon like that that I can use to the same effect in USUM?

In Sun and Moon it was Midday Lycanroc.
Vivillon is often on high demand because people like collecting different Vivillons.

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Porygon-Z , Solrock and Lunatone. Solrock and Lunatone because there is an event linked with them in the Ultra games and they are un-obtainable.

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