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I'm so sorry. I'm still considerably new to the 3ds Pokemon games. I played all the gameboy ones and ds ones, left for gen 6 and 7, came back for 8.

I need the trade evos for my dex, and I want to complete the dex as legitimately as possible. I was thinking of offering my legendaries on the GTS for the ones I need but.... I can't find it. Is it even in the Gen 7 Games? If so, where?

How do I get my trade evolutions by myself?


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Yes. Go to the Festival Plaza, connect to the Internet, and select the "Trade" option. Then, choose "GTS".

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Yes. There is a GTS in USUM. The way you access it is you go to Festival Plaza, Click Trade, and then go to GTS. Note that you need internet. This is probably the fastest way besides finding a friend and trading or buying the other game.
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Yep. There is a gts, just like in older games. It is accessible in festival plaza from your x menu

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