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In the gts when I open it, it goes through normal trainers until the end, which is where something happens. The last trainer is always Adventrsnivy, they always ask for a Snivy; and the Pokemon is level 100, shiny, from England despite the trainer being in Tennessee. and in a beastball. No matter what it is, it's shiny and in a beastball. It also causes a communication error. I have pictures, but they're a little large:


I think it might be a company, as there's one for every Pokemon.
I haven't tested the 'maybe they're just trying to spread their friend code' theory yet.

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Don't trade with that guy. You will be banned from trading for a while if you do try to trade with him
Really? The GTS worked fine for me when I tested it out.
The gts is fine. Trading with adventuresnivy isn't. I've heard it causes many players to get banned for a while
No, I mean I traded with Adventrsnivy once to see what would happen, and the GTS still worked....
I believe, no doubt, that this is a hacker trying to lure other trainers to trade with him, resulting in a ban or even crash their game. I learned by experience. Although, not in Ultra moon, but rather in XY. I traded with one of these people thinking it was a great trade then my game crashed. I advise to keep away from these trainers as they only do this to bother others.
I noticed another strange thing. I have tons of snivys, and when I search only for Pokémon I have, his Pokémon doesn’t come up.
Oh those are everywhere in AS
I play ultra sun I just bred a ton of contrary snivy

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They are a hacker.

This is a hacker with hacked Pokemon. It happens to me too. It always does this, I don't know if it's a company (probably not) or a bot, it could be a Twitch streamer, I know there are lots of those. I'm pretty sure the communication error is the GTS trying to not let hacked Pokemon be traded.
EDIT: the not trading thing is for 30 minutes, it's just to make sure someone isn't hacking or spamming trades.

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Also, the game may crash, but in my experience, if you have saved then the game will return to the save instead of resetting or something.
It really does seem so, but in Lunala and Solgaleo parts, it gets scary. Just line after line.
line after line? what?
Like, it's just him, over and over, same picture. It gets real creepy.
yes that happens, its them trying to get more than one 'mon in the GTS at once.
he is adverting his discord
Yeah, a lot of them do that.