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Basically, when I enter/exit the PC, the game is black screen for about 10 seconds. I bought the game the day after release, at a local bestbuy, so it's not pirated. It only happened after I received a Cranidos via the GTS and evolved it. When I put it in the PC, it did the thing. I don't know if there is any correspondence, but yeah. Can you tell me what it is and how to fix it?

Is the music still playing in the background? And what kind of ds are you using? It could be because you’re using an older system.
It solved itself, but I'm using a New 3DS from like 2015. I'm just worried it might affect the game or saves, or other games
Release the cranidos if you are really worried
That wouldn’t do much if the bug (if it is a bug) is already in the game
Always get rid of something that causes a problem (Cranidos). Did you get the latest update for Ultra Moon? Did you get the latest update for your 3DS? Is your 3DS or cartridge hacked? But, I'm pretty sure it's just that Rampardos from the GTS, it's data is probably super corrupted and causes the black screen. Also, games from stores can be fake too.
@Poipole you can't trade or battle if you have a fake game so the game is real

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As long as nothing harmful is happening then you should be fine. It doesn't sound like anything very bad. It's either something wrong on the cartridge or, it just takes a strange amount of time to load the room/PC when entering/exiting it.

Sometimes something similar happens why I'm SRing for nature's, and I SR while on a loading screen. It just takes longer to SR for some reason when I do this.