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I was walking around on platinum and I encountered a Bidoof and it froze my game. What can I do?

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You sure it wasn't a fake DS card or an emulator?

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you have a second hand dsi like me. and 2nd hand dsis freeze unlike the 1st hand dsis. so the bidoof doesn't have conditions that confuses the game. its just your second hand dsi.

I don't have a DSi. I have a 2DS, does it matter?
I don't see how this answer was worthy of a flag. I think distorted's trying to say that the DS was modified by its previous owner. I could see this answer being downvoted, but I don't think it should've been flagged.

And also, to reply to XYchampionWTF, I don't believe it matters if it is a DSi or 2DS. Both have the possibility of being harmed by their previous owner's modifications. This isn't my answer though so don't take my word for it.
XYchampionWTF also, i didn't know dsi isn't the only way to play gen 4