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Hi, i'm a newbie here on this site and read the rules, so i'm not still sure if its correct to ask this question but here goes:

So, I decided to replay my Platinum after many years, for fun I decided to scroll the Pokedex and on certain Pokemon (an example is Nidorina, if I ever go to Nidorina's pokedex entry my game freezes), now my cartridge as far as my memory goes was never damaged nor thrown to the floor accidentally or anything, what I do remember was messing around with Action replay way back in the day so it might have been that.

I wanna know if there is any fix or solution if someone ever had this happened while messing with cheats, would starting a new file would solve the problem or not?

If you were messing around with cheating devices, it was almost definitely because of the cheating device.
Sinnoh games in particular had some hilarious glitches after using the Action Replay. If anything used Hidden Power in my messed up copy, it would scramble the name of the move.

"The wild UNOWN used ruipeshfcisjfuvboiyecbscilnzl". No, really. As for if a reset will fix it, I have no idea.

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If you bought it off a website like eBay or Etsy then it might be fake. A fake cartridge is one that was not made by the Pokémon company but it was an empty cartridge and the entire Pokémon Platinum code was put in instead. It happened to a friend of mine once.

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I bought the game on GameStop many years ago when Platinum was first released, 2009 somewhere there so i'm pretty sure the game is legit, i don't recall this happening before i started messing around with AR in 2010, hence why most likely why game freezes on a certain Dex entry (i only remember using infinite master ball or the Arceus event), however i've been browsing on the web for so long and haven't found an answer