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I was playing showdown with my water mono team. I used rain dance. Then he used ice beam, it froze me. I used scald to defrost my self. He used ice beam froze me again. I used scald for the third time. He used ice beam and finished my ludicolo off.

Was I really unlucky or does rain increase chances of freezing? It would be really cool if it did increase. (but annoying too). Opponent was using slowking btw.

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You're just really unlucky

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damn it. I hate my luck. orthe guy was using hacks. anyway. thanks for answering
then.. wuts the chances of 10%  working 3  times
Exactly. Sorry for your luck bud. Must be getting it bad.
10% happening three times... the chances of that are one in a thousand. Literally, not even joking.
It could make sense if chances of freezing was increased in rain or hail. I could have gotten a shiny in dat chance.