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I always found this strange. If a Pokemon is frozen and can't move, then why does it's sprite move? I'm talking about Showdown and games where a Pokemon's sprite doesn't move.

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As far as I know Nintendo did not give the sprites or models to Smogon. Nor did Smogon make their own. They are likely datamined from the games.
But won't they get copyright strike for that?
Honestly with how copyright frenzy Nintendo is I don't have a concrete answer for that. However I'm leaning towards luck and the fact that it would do waaaaayyyy more harm than good for the competitive scene, even the official scene.

^a good answer on why showdown will probably not be taken down.

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Pokemon Showdown is a battling simulator first and and foremost. Graphics and visuals are not as important to Smogon because that's not the point. It's supposed to be used to allow people to battle without needing to own a game or needing to breed so many competitive Pokemon which is exhausting if you are just trying out something experimental. The battle simulation is first, no story, grinding (except for rank I suppose), no need for flashy graphics, or super long move animations. That's why its presentation is so barebones. They only need essential graphics such as the Pokemon models, health bar, etc. One could argue you could do away with that as well and just have everything in text format.

Though I suppose freezing the animation might not be too complicated, but considering freeze is so rare in showdown they probably didn't think about it.

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Thanks. This helped alot.