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Paralysis: thunder wave/ glare
Burn: will-o-wisp
Poisen: Toxic
Sleep: sleep powder, spore etc
Freeze: none
Why is that? Is there any logic behind it?

Probably has something to do with the fact that Freeze is dramatically more powerful than any of the others.  In fact, that's after it's been nerfed.
Probably one of the reasons
Spore exists and Sleep is arguably as strong as freeze so thats not the best excuse.
Freeze is more debilitating than sleep. Sleep lasts between one and three turns, while freeze can last forever (though that would take extraordinarily bad luck).
@ ILoveWingsOfFire
It's not an excuse.  The fact is that Freeze has no end duration.  There's a chance each turn you will thaw, but there's no cap to the number of turns you can be Frozen.  By contrast, Sleep will last at most 3 turns.  There are also a number of ways to play through or around Sleep -- moves that can be used while Asleep, moves that will wake a sleeping ally (or enemy), on top of Berries and medicine.  For Freeze, only Berries are a defense.  Sunny Day will thaw, as will being attacked by a fire move, but those fire moves are most likely hard-hitting offense moves.

It used to be much worse.  Sleep used to not have a cap on number of turns.  And Freeze had no chance of thaw.

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“Probably has something to do with the fact that Freeze is dramatically more powerful than any of the others. In fact, that's after it's been nerfed.”

Yep. Freeze doesn’t have a set amount of turns it takes, but rather, has a 20% chance for you to thaw (unless a few certain moves are used). This is even after a nerf to it, it used to be even stronger. If your RNG is bad, freeze can last a long, long time. 20% is 1/5, so chances are you’ll thaw within 5 turns, but that’s not guaranteed. Sleep is also a pretty tough Status condition, but it only lasts 1-3 turns. They made all the sleep moves (minus spore) have low accuracy to nerf them. A freeze move would realistically need 40-60 accuracy in order to not be too good.

Hope this helps!

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