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The Guts boost applies for any one of the 4 major status conditions. In early generations, if a frozen Pokemon thawed out by using a "hot" move, the Guts boost applied for that turn. This was later removed. Is there any way the Guts boost can be used now for a frozen Pokemon? Thanks in advance.

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Perhaps Foul Play from the opposing pokemon? It's not used in the favor of the frozen pokemon obviously, but its a use nonetheless.
Sorry, Foul Play takes into count the user's ability, item and status modifiers.

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Generation V -
The Attack boost from Guts no longer activates if a Pokémon is frozen and uses a move which thaws it out, such as Flame Wheel or Flare Blitz.

Which means that if a Pokemon uses guts it won't work because you said before it's not gonna work anymore when it thaws out so it's a no.

From: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Guts_(Ability)

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Yes, you would still get the attack boost from Guts. Although you wouldn't be able to attack until you unfreeze, so it is somewhat useless in this scenario. You would have to wait until you thaw, and in thg that time your Pokemon could be knocked out.

Since generation 5, you haven't been able to get the attack boost after unthawing
I know that a boost is received when frozen. I was asking if there is any way to use it.
RobloxianSceptile, he didn't say that you get the boost after thawing. He says that the game is programmed to give the boost when frozen, but you can't use it.