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Which ability does better fot him? I've thinking about using one for the Orre Colosseum and since the colosseum focuses mostly on Double Battles, got into a dilemma which ability would do better for him since both abilities have an use in their own way.

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Likely Guts

Swarm is a little iffy and Focus Sash doesn't exist in Gen 3, so you have to waste an item slot on Salac Berry and a moveslot on Endure. Besides Heracross is pretty bulky. If you want to brute force your way through everything I'd suggest Guts, since status is the best way to neutralize or remove an offensive mon.

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Guts completely negates the Attack drop from Burns, so a burn is the best possible status condition for Heracross to have.
Oh, I thought that only happened in later gens
I think the reason why this question popped in my head was because later rounds of the Colosseum, opposing Pokemon have 100 base speed and up, thus Heracross not outspeeding unless Salac Berry, but as you said, wasting a moveslot on Endure would't be a good idea unless maybe i had an exploder which i don't.

But yeah, he's right, Guts ignores the Attack drop from burns
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Well, they do similar things.

Swarm is a Bug type Blaze/Overgrow/Torrent, which means that it boosts the power of Bug type moves by 50% when the Pokemon's HP is below 1/3.

Guts gives you a 50% power boost when the Pokemon is afflicted by a major status condition. In Generation 3 this does not include sleep.

I would choose Guts, because it has a more available use in my opinion. There are two Shadow Moves that can give a major status condition that you can attack in, those being Shadow Bolt, and Shadow Fire. Also, if a Pokemon is below 1/3 health your probably not going to live that much longer.

In the end its really up to you, because back in Gen 3 these abilities had very similar affects and uses.