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I was just wanting to know how much your attack goes up after you knock a pokemon out and get the moxie ability, the main reason i want to know is because i'm not sure what ability i should get for my heracross as it has three great abilities, the first ability i can get is swarm which powers up bug moves and would come in useful, the second is guts which increases your attack by 50% and heracross has 383 attack (level 100) according to bulbapedia so that's 575 attack, correct me if I'm wrong, and i know moxie is a good ability but it would be nice if i knew how much attack boost it gives when you KO a pokemon, Cheers

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Moxie gives you a 50% boost of your original attack So if Heracross has a 200 Attack:

No Boost: 200
1: 300
2: 400
3: 500
4: 600
5: 700
6: 800

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Moxie raise its atk by 1 stage (50% it's original atk) which makes it good revenge killer as it gets basically a free boost and can end up sweeping teams.
Swarm raises its bug type move when under a 1/4 hp so moxie is defiantly better to use.

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Yes, you are right. He gets a 50% boost from Moxie, and gets an extra 50% for every knockout.

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