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Short answer: No
Long answer: While as Primal and sumwun tell that a low tier Pokemon can be viable in higher tier, but in this case not. It's completely outclassed by Genesect and Pheromosa as a bug-type and Close Combat zacian-C as a fighting-type, and Flame Orbs Guts Heracross doesn't mean its Ubers or anything.

Heracross's great Attack stat coupled with its ability Guts makes it a strong physical wallbreaker. With its access to Close Combat as a good Fighting-type STAB move, Swords Dance to set up, and coverage moves such Knock Off and Facade, Heracross can be very difficult to switch into, being able to break through defensive cores and bulky teams with ease. Also, its Bug / Fighting typing allows it to soft check Ground-types. Despite all those good qualities, Heracross has a lackluster Speed stat and no access to strong priority to be a decent offensive Pokemon, making it easily revenge killed by a lot of faster offensive attackers.


It was RUBL in Gen 7, and RU in Gen 8 meaning its not any much of a viable Pokemon in Ubers. It gets easily OHKOed by Yveltal, Zacian-Crowned, Kyogre, Xerneas and Ho-Oh and totally walled by Dusk Mane which are the top 10 most used Pokemon in the tier, and it's low speed tier means outspeeding it and that awful typing means KOing it is not hard. As such, there's no reason to even use Heracross in Ubers.


Hope this help.

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Well Quagsire is viable in Ubers and is PU
That's a rare example, and its not so good in Ubers, it is limited to stall. Never see any balance Ubers team run Quaqsire.
Well Ditto is viable in Ubers, is below PU, and is not limited to stall.
Oh okay, thanks. I will edit it right now.