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If a Pokémon has Guts, will its Attack be greater if it's burned, or will it just stay the same? And what about Quick Feet and paralysis?

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This goes with any status. So yeah even if Paralysed of Burned, they still get the boost.

When the wielder is affected by burn, freeze, paralysis, poison, or sleep, its Speed is increased by 50%. Furthermore, the Speed drop of paralysis is nullified (but the chance of being fully paralyzed is not). Unlike Guts, Quick Feet does not nullify the Attack-lowering effect of burn.

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Dang it Mike :P
Wait... but nullify means that the two cancel out.
No, it means that it will get the boost still.
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Guts ignores the attack drop from burns, so the Pokemons attack will be risen, and for quick feet it's the same thing, it ignores the speed drop from paralysis. What that means is the Pokemons speed will still be dropped even if it has quick feet. Hope I helped!
Source: Experience and this: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/55403/quick-feet-ignore-speed-drop-from-paralysis-same-guts-does-burn

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