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In the first BW Cottonee's cotton was white. In BW2 it's cotton was looking "dirty" I suppose. Why was its sprite changed?

GF's whim is what makes pokemon go around :x

Most of the time sprites are changed so that their animation actually shows. Eg: animating a large blotch of white will just look messy, nothing else. Maybe that's why Cottonee's white portion was darkened some bit.

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Im pretty sure gamefreak wouldn't change a sprite, but from each generation up, the coloring does look a little different, especially the generation 1 Pokemon.

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Obviously the sprite colorations would change "each generation up", they are after all completely different games. However, during the transition from BW -> BW2, only Cottonee and the starter's sprites had been colored differently. I think that's what he wants reasoning to.