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Why does the GTS not let you even SEARCH for pokemon you havent seen. its really hard to get pokemon from other regions sometimes, so you go to the gts, but nasty ol' GTS wont have it on the search list. thats kinda useless. if its too rare too SEE how are you supposed to get it? if you have no friends to trade with or you cant migrate it. Ex. , I accidently trashed my electririzer and have no friends to trade, how am I supposed to get electivire? I cant SEE electivire in the wild. even if I didnt toss my my electririzer, it would still be useless because I coudnt trade it(no friends). and I couldnt get it on the gts. crazy

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Give it hold Electrizer, but it on trade for a Lugia level 1-9, do ANY trade and take it back. But since you don't  have have Electrizer, it's almost useless. But, the same is true for other trade-evolutions.

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I understand how you can feel about the GTS, but imagine how slow it would run if people constantly searched for the legendaries like Mew and Arceus? Not to mention how many annoying unbalanced offers you would get if you had one up for trade. But there is a solution for your problem. You actually CAN see Electivire in Heart Gold, by rematching Lt. Surge. It will be on his team at level 56.