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So, I've been trading Vivillons in the GTS, trying to get all the different designs, and trading out some of my Dusk Form Lycanrocs to get more.

However, there is this one girl who keeps trading the same exact Vivillon back and forth with me. Over and over and over! When there are clearly, like, 15 other identical trades being offered!

So, I stopped using the GTS for a couple of days, and it seemed to work... Until now.

The same exact girl and the same exact Vivillon! This person is really starting to make me angry!

I'm posting this in hopes that someone will know if a way I can stop this! I enjoy using the GTS and this person is making it impossible to use it, or even complete my collection!

It's there a way I can block her from trading with me? Anything would be very helpful!

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I don’t think this is that good of a question, since none of us can help. Maybe put up like a haunted or something, since it seems the girl just likes dusk lycanroc and has lots of vivilions
Yeah, we can't do anything about this. I wouldn't exactly call this being "harassed" either. She can't be trading the same one over and over unless she cloned it a ton, anyway. Either way, you can't block people from the GTS either.
I'd suggest using a trade forum like Bulbagarden instead of the GTS in your case.
I mean, all of the above answers the question anyway.
If you can't use/dislike trading forums, you could try trading something else (like a base form starter) for Vivillion. The odds of that person coming back are slim to none, and starters are also pretty common for people to trade for. :P

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If you trade with her again, you could get her into the castle if shes your most recent interaction, and block her there, I think so at least. You may have to VIP her first however.

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I am unsure of possible blocking on the GTS, but there is more than one way to skin err, I mean receive a Vivillion. :P

Here are some options:

  • Trade on a Forum*, such as Bulbagarden. Then you know what Vivillion you are getting.

  • Offer the Lycanroc for a Higher level Vivillion. This will make people committed to getting that Lycanroc trade, although, it may take longer to trade the Lycanroc.

  • Offer base form starters. People are always trading for starters. This is probably the best method if you don't like to use trading forums. You can trade the starters as they hatch, which is faster than evolving Rockruff. However, people may spam trade a starter for Hidden Abilities, so you may want to switch which starter you are breeding every once in a while.

* -> As suggested from the comments (and not myself). :P

Source: My 1,250,000 EXP Points :P

Hope I Helped!