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I don't understand why Game Freak hasn't done anything about the terrible requests on the GTS. I understand the very specific Pokemon thing, preventing other players from easily taking a Pokemon that you're trying to trade, I'm referring to legendary trades, the ones you cannot do because the legendaries are "Special Pokemon"
I know in XY there is a feature that filters out MOST of them, but usually there are no trades at all after the filter.
Why has GameFreak not just made it impossible to try to trade legendaries over the GTS if you can't trade them at all, it's really annoying seeing a level 9 Venipede for a level 100 Reshiram. (To note, i'm referring to the ones you can't trade, not the legendaries you apparantly can trade)


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This is like asking why Gamefreak hasn't made a Fire Grass type, who knows why they haven't. No one here works at Gamefreak so none of us will know the answer to a question that only Gamefreak can answer. Maybe they feel this isn't an issue that's serious enough to be addressed.

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I just wish they would just get rid of untradable legendaries on the GTS, is that too much to ask in generation 7?
I would hope that they do that as well
I know what you mean, you can actually find a trade on the GTS that someone would actually do. I once saw someone offer a level. Pichu and ask for a level 100 Diancie. And in the comments it said "shiny pls"
Who in the right mind would ask that. Nobody would trade that it's just so stupid, the GTS is practically ruined now with these stupid requests.
Want to click 'like'. Not 'practically', MightyMudkip. GTS is a joke
There is an option that allows you to search for the Pokémon that you want, but hides those that ask for "special" Pokémon in return (cover Legends & Event Legendaries). I did this for a Gothita and I came up with zero results. For a Gothita.




On the GTS was for something like "level 1-10 Kyogre" or "Celebi pls". The GTS won't even let you offer those Pokémon in return!
The worst part being, some of the legendaries aren't even CLASSIFIED as "special"