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A lot of Jirachis get given really weird/ strange nicknames, probably more than most other Pokemon on GTS. Is there some kinda joke to do with Jirachi and how did the whole Jirachi nickname thing start?

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I have found a lot of celebis named Marty mcfly.. Which is a good name because celebi travels through time just like Marty mcfly in 'back to the future'

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Most of the Jirachi's up on GTS are probably hacked.
My guess is that some jerks hack in Jirachi's and Nickname them 'F--- You'and and other crazy stuff.
It isn't just Jirachi either, Celebi is quite a Victim sometimes as well
Look here is you want to see in more-depth

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Well the only common one ive really seen is Sleepy which is most likely a tribute to Youtuber Sleepy Jirachi
Other then that Its Just the randomness of people choosing nicknames.

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