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Whenever I scout the GTS for some foreign Ditto's, I tend to come across people that have named theirs things like "6 IVs". Most of the time, they ask for very difficult to obtain Pokémon in return. This made me wonder: can you get banned for depositing a Pokémon in the GTS with a misleading nickname, like a terrible Ditto named "6 IVs"? I've tried searching for an answer on the internet, but have been unsuccessful in doing so.

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Im not really sure if there even is a banning mechanism in place for the GTS, besides for bots and spam. I'd assume that they wouldn't have or need a manual ban system in place.

Even if there was one however, it would come with a terms and conditions kinda thing. I doubt there is a section on scamming. Iirc there is only a terms and conditions for connecting to the internet in general, not just for GTS.
Game Freak / Nintendo can ban you from online activity, though it's fairly rare and is usually for more malicious hacking or being inappropriate (like through voice chat or whatever). Saying 6IV when it's not will likely not result in any sort of ban because you're technically responsible for deciding whether or not you'll trade.

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You cannot be certain of IVs, EVs, natures, or egg moves until you complete the trade. You can see if the Pokémon counts for the pokedex (if it has a plus sign), but any trade, you do at your own risk. If you want specific moves or natures, do so via a direct trade, where you can see more of the Pokémon's info. It's much safer this way.

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