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I was trying to get a Type: Null and looking around on GTS when I saw someone looking for a Shinx that was raised carefully, so I thought, "What a steal!" and traded them a 5IV Jolly Shinx I recently hatched, but when I got their Type: Null, I realized only then it was a shiny (I wasn't really paying attention much since I was in a rush to trade them a Shinx before someone else took the trade), and I feel so awful because I'm wondering if they were hoping for a shiny Shinx in return. Were they most likely hoping for a shiny Shinx? I wish I could give them back their Type: Null, I feel so bad.

Nobody can know what they think, and don't feel bad — it is their fault.

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When someone puts a Pokémon on the GTS they know what they are doing and taking full responsibility for it. If you offered a Pokémon and they accepted it means both people are fine with the trade.

Also I do give out Shiny legends for good Pokémon and occasionally give away shinys/legends/shiny legends as giveaways.

However some people do shiny trade. There will always be people who want to trade shiny for shiny.

So, to answer you. Do people in the GTS always expect shiny Pokémon in return:
No. No they don’t.

That’s not saying that all people will/won’t want shinies for shinies.