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I recieved a Shiny Lv. 100 Keldeo through the GTS. The OT was SMR2012 and it came from a ´´lovely place``. It was probably the event Keldeo, but how come it was a shiny then? And it had a ribbon, so how was this possible?

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There are a few options that you have:
- You got it when you just entered the GTS
- You got it through a trade

The first one is really not that peculiar as it might have been that the Keldeo was generated by a fake GTS and was then sent to your game. It isn't necessarily you but many people have their neighbours using their IP-adress

However the second option seems most likely. Many people on GTS hack their Pokemon as it is perfectly normal to generate a shiny Pokemon with a certain OT number so that it looks legit. There are also various softwares that allow you to literary create your own Pokemon with any OT you like. Since you can also make it legit, they too can be seton the GTS and ready for trade

As I mentioned earlier, the second option is most likely

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I don't think ribbons are generated like that
actually they can. You can generate a ribbon when you use a software and ribbons can also be generated with some fake GTS's. However Pokecheck always gives the Pokemon the Premier Ribbon, Pokecheck Pokemon can't be traded through the GTS though
Peple can pretty much generate any Pokemon with any ribbons, Pokeballs, OTs, moves, shininess, ability, nature etc. if they wanted to.
Heck, I can generate a Magikarp with 700 on every stat :P
I battled a guy with a Magikarp with millions of HP once, so anything is possible. Just glad Leech Seed take down a fixed amount of HP :3
I thought you can't trade ribbons…
I think it's in Gen IV where Ribbons stopped a Pokemon from being traded. I'm pretty sure it's not the case in Gen IV, since I traded for a Victini, and am sure it's legit + it has a ribbon.