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Alright, I MUST have the event Raikou that has the moves
•Weather Ball
•Aura Sphere
•Zap Cannon
•Extreme Speed

BUT! I'm trying to obtain him from a trade on GTS but I want to know how to tell an original from an event.
(If You or someone you know has one, Ill try to trade.



2 Answers

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This Event Raikou has Classic Ribbon, which prevents it from being traded on GTS

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It is possible you could tell an event form an original by the pokeball the pokemon is in, because normally event pokemon are in cherish ball, it’s impossible to get a cherish ball through regular game play without cheating. On the other hand a raikou that is caught in a game would be in a regular pokeball or a masterball.

Also some event pokemon have special ribbons that cannot be obtained through regular gameplay or even by cheating, I don’t know if event raikou came with ribbons though.

This isn’t a sure fire strategy but it is another way to judge.

Hope this helps, sorry if it doesn’t