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I am trying to get my strong Pokemon from Diamond to my SoulSilver through GTS since I only have one DS but I am having a lot of trouble. I put a Pokemon in GTS requesting my Dragonite (that isn't in the system) then I switch over to my other game, Diamond and search the Pokemon I put in but mien doesn't come up! I have tried this with several different Pokemon but I can never find it. Can I not find it because I am doing something wrong or because I am not lucky and not finding it in the GTS.

Can you give me tips so that I can find my pokemon I put in. Or could you tell me of another way to trade with myself with only one DS? It would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Yeah if you trade with your friend and then trade back.
I don't know anyone else who plays pokemon... Scratch that I do but they either don't know that I play or I never see them...

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You need 2 DS systems because you already used the one to trade and you need another to trade to or transfer.

Okay but I only have one DS... is there another way?
I'm afraid not, Umbreon&Dragonite.