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It's so swamped with hacked Pokemon that it freezes no matter what you look up. You can filter out mythical and legendary requests, and it still crashes the game. Is it possible to enact trades on it, or is it completely useless now?

Most of the hacked Pokemon don't ask for legendary Pokemon to try to trick people into trading for them

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If it says the gender and level is back, what Pokemon or quit the GTS then the trade is broken either trying to hack your save data or just waste your time. I once tried trading for a hoopa but it didnt go well as expected. Hope this helps. Edit: I almost forgot to tell you it can get you banned for a week or month.

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I have no idea what you're saying.
Ametyhst, do you see any pokemon gender wanted saying back or quit the GTS?
I think they mean to say the gender and level of pokemon says either "back" (i.e., the 'back' button), "what pokemon" or "quit the GTS trade."

That would explain why they're saying the trade is broken, although I could be wrong since I've never used the GTS before.
I don't even manage to get to a trade, the GTS just freezes on the interface when you look up a Pokemon. Most trades I see look fairly normal, but I can't access them because it crashes in about seven seconds.