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I just received a level 12 Celebi in a trade on GTS from Japan. It says its from Hoenn. It knows Confusion, Recover, Heal Bell, and Safeguard. Does this Pokemon seem legit to you? And, what's a good moveset for it once I start leveling it up? Should I train any certain stats? I'm so glad I got this Celebi, and I want to make it perfect! :)

my celebi says it's from hoenn too!

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I don't think its legit. But train its special attack and speed, and give it
Psychic(strong STAB, boosted by calm mind), Energy Ball(same as psychic), Recover(for healing), and Calm Mind(to boost stats, this move has saved me before!).
It could easily be from bonus Disk, and that is likley!

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It is legit if it is from the bonus disc I think (although I think it won't say from Hoenn..) Celebi is the only Pokemon I don't have. Moveset:

Recover: Heals Celebi.
Calm Mind: Increases special stats.
Energy Ball: Good power, STAB, chance to lower Sp. Def, high accuracy, deals with Rock, Ground, and Water types.
Psychic: Good power, high accuracy, STAB, chance to lower Sp. Def, deals with Poison and Fighting types.

Great Minds Think Alike!:)
why have energy ball when you could have leaf storm?
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It's Japanese, it's possible that it was obtained through the bonus disc, so there's a good chance it's legit. (it cam along in hoenn.

I live in mIchigan too! Where do you live in michigan?
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It is very possible that it is legit(Read all the other answers). EV train for SAtk and Speed. Teach it Leaf Storm/Energy Ball(STAB and due to his stats this guy will not be in long so why not just kill. Right? or go with EB which is significantly lower and a lower attack might be the death of you Tip: only use EB if you have Calm Mind) Psychic(good psychic STAB) Ancient Power(who would not put on a move that might boost all your stats!)or Calm Mind(For a SAtk and SDef bulking) Recover (Duh. with him you need this.) That is about all.