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So I got a Celebi, and I can't seem to trade it. Normally, this would make sense, since it was an event Celebi, but after seeing that a certain other user's friend traded away an event Palkia via GTS (the link to which is attached), I figured that I should be able to trade my Celebi that way. But I can't.

So how come? Is the ribbon it has removable? Can I somehow trade it away? Or was his friend just the luckiest person in the world for 3 minutes?

Much abliged.

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Well, Pokebank Celebi does have the Classic Ribbon, therefore it cannot be traded over the GTS. So yeah. :3

As to why the Palkia mentioned in the link was traded, you can't detach ribbons from a Pokemon so I just assume that this person has just misheard is friend since all Palkias that have ever been released have had a ribbon that have prevented it from being traded over the GTS. So it must of simply not have been an event Palkia, or it was just a local trade.

Either way, your Celebi can't be traded over the GTS. However, you can trade it with local wi-fi.

Hope I helped. :)

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